Paul Devereux

Author, lecturer/workshop presenter, researcher, broadcaster, artist, photographer.


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The Encyclopedia of Ancient Earth Mysteries


Cassell/Octopus (U.K.), Sterling (U.S).

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Primarily available ONLY through this website.

Sumptuously produced, richly illustrated, this is the truly up-to-date, cross-referenced work the subject area has needed for a long time. With around 130 entries, some of them major essays in their own right, and 109,000 words, this is the most informed and authoritative book on the subject you can get. It sifts the wheat from the chaff for those who want to be genuinely knowledgeable in these subject areas. Topics include:

Acoustics, Anasazi, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeology, Ark of the Covenant, Arthur, Astronauts (Ancient), Atlantis, Aztecs, Ballochroy, Bicameral Mind, Blue Stones, Bog Bodies, Borobodur, Bronze Age, Cahokia, Carnac, Casa Grande, Celts, Chaco Canyon, Chartres, Chavin de Huantar, Cognitive Archaeology, Corpse Lights, Correspondences, Cosmic Axis, Crop Circles, Cursus, Cuzco, Death Roads, Delphi, Divination, Dowsing, Dragon, Dragon Project, Dreamtime, Druids, Earth Lights, Easter Island, Effigy Mounds, Eleusis, Energies, Entoptic Patterns, Externsteine, Fairies, Feng Shui, Fly Agaric, Flying saucer, Folklore, Four Directions, Gaia Theory, Gavrinis, Geomancy, Geometry, Goddess, Grail, Hallucinogens, Hill Figures, Henge, Hollow Earth, Hopewell Indians, Hopi, Hovenweep, Ice Man, Iron Age, Jerusalem, Keyhole Tombs, Kivas, Labyrinths, Leys/Leylines, Liminality , Loughcrew, Malta, Maya, Maypole, Mecca, Mu, Mithras, Mythic Geography, Nazca Lines, Neolithic, Newgrange, Ogham, Olmec, Omphalos, Oracles, Paganism, Palaeolithic, Pilgrimage, Planetary Grids, Psychic Archaeology, Pyramids, Quetzalcoatl, Rock Art, Sacred Place, St. Michael Line, Seidhr, Shaman, Shamanic Landscapes, Sibyls, Simulacra, Sitting Out, Songlines, Sphinx, Spirit Traps, Spirit Ways, Stonehenge, Sweeping, Systems Theory, Teotihuacan, Terrestrial Zodiacs, Theosophy, Tiahuanaco, Trance, UFOs, Vampires, Varanasi, Vision Quest, Werewolf, World Navel, Wupatki, Wyrd, Xochipilli, Yew, Yggdrasil, Ziggurat, Zuni.


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