Paul Devereux

Author, lecturer/workshop presenter, researcher, broadcaster, artist, photographer.


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Mind Before Matter

Visions of a New Science of Consciousness


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Materialism is the dominant worldview in the West today, but it is only one worldview and it doesn’t completely work. Essays grouped under four headings, SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, PSI, and COMMUNION, ask what would a world be like based on a cultural understanding that the fundamental fabric of the universe is mind rather than matter? 

Containing the last published writing of  Pulitzer prize-winning author and scholar, the late John Mack, this anthology of thoughtful essays from significant figures in their various spheres sketches the embryonic framework for a new model of reality, one based on the primacy of consciousness.

Christopher Bache – Anne Baring – Gordon Davidson – Paul Devereux
Duane Elgin – Amit Goswami – Neal Grossman –  Michael Grosso
Bernard Haisch – Will Keepin – David Korten – Ervin Laszlo
Corinne McLaughlin – Seyyed Hossein Nasr – Dean Radin
Elisabet Sahtouris – Mary Schmitt – Richard Tarnas
Rose Von Thater-Braan – Hank Wesselman

“The idea that consciousness is real, fundamental, and irreducible is returning. That’s what this book is all about … It is difficult to imagine anything more important.” Larry Dossey (from the Foreword)


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