Paul Devereux

Author, lecturer/workshop presenter, researcher, broadcaster, artist, photographer.


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The Long Trip

A Prehistory of Psychedelia


Daily Grail Publishing

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Using a slew of disciplines —including archaeology, anthropology,  linguistics, ethnobotany, biology and other fields –The Long Trip strips bare the evidence for the psychedelic experiences of various prehistoric societies and ancient, traditional cultures. It is probably the most comprehensive single volume to look at the use of mind-altering drugs, or entheogens, for ritual and shamanistic purposes throughout humanity’s long story, while casting withering sidelong glances at our own times now. As Paul Devereux points out, our modern mainstream culture is eccentric in its refusal to integrate the profound experiences offered by these natural substances into its own spiritual life.
The Long Trip is a fascinating study of an influential yet still under-explored experience, and is revelatory in its findings, invaluable in its research, and important in its attempts to address many deep questions confronting our culture. 

“Devereux’s main concern is not the modern but the archaic … [but] Devereux delightfully digresses into the many ways in which interest in psychedelics has remained a distinct – if often subterranean – thread in society …  A genuinely radical book, The Long Trip draws deep from the well of history to back up its speculations.”  Fortean Times

“A vast work, brilliantly researched and well written…”  D>TOUR

“Devereux presents a broad range of archaeological, ethnobotanical, and pharmacological  information about psychedelics in clear, very readable English…”  Shaman’s Drum


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