Paul Devereux

Author, lecturer/workshop presenter, researcher, broadcaster, artist, photographer.


Broadcasting overview - TV and Radio

Paul Devereux is currently developing ideas for various TV treatments and proposals, involving series and single documentary projects. He works with media professionals. He is dedicated to helping originate and/or produce exciting, original, and well-informed concepts for TV shows dealing with archaeological subjects, ancient mysteries, strange phenomena, the human mind, and other topics, in conjunction with independent production companies or TV companies.

Production companies and television broadcast companies seeking new ideas on a collaborative basis are invited to make contact. Devereux is pleased to discuss ideas and possibilities with media professionals, and can also be approached for a consultation role in new concepts being developed by other production companies.


Concept originator, main consultant and associate producer of an Equinox (Channel 4,UK) TV documentary on anomalous light phenomena ("earth lights" - see research and excerpts) for worldwide distribution. Screened on Channel Four, UK, on November 3, 1996; on Discovery Channel, USA, March 17 and 22, and December 1997. Later screened by National Geographic channel.

Conceived, co-produced, and featured in a documentary, "Sound from the Stone Age" (probably the first ever TV programme about the new archaeological sub-discipline now formally known as archaeoacoustics) for UK Channel 4's "Secrets of the Dead" series, shown in November 2001

Brief broadcasting overview

BBC2 TV; ITV South; BBC TV Midlands; BBC TV Wales; BBC TV West; BBC 1 "Everyman" (Nov 1, 1992). "In Your Dreams" Channel 4 (UK) series, 1998; "Sacred Plants", Channel 4 (UK) series, 1998. And others.

KYW TV 3 Philadelphia; "New Dimensions in the Paranormal", New York cable; WSET 13 Virginia; Fox (now Paramount) TV's "Sightings" network programmes, 1992, 1994, 1995; Learning Channel, 1995; a Discovery Channel Special on "alien abductions", November, 1997; "Have We Been Visited" A&E documentary, 1998;

BBC Radio 4 (including being resident contributor on "Riddles of the Stones" series, 1989); BBC Radio Wales (series and individual items); BBC World Service; LBC; Capital Radio; numerous regional BBC and Independent radio stations. RADIO IN USA: New York, Boston, Cleveland, Boston and Los Angeles.

Paul Devereux is Media Officer for the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) group, Princeton. Contact through this website or through