Paul Devereux

Author, lecturer/workshop presenter, researcher, broadcaster, artist, photographer.


The Landscape & Perception Project

Principal Investigators: Jon Wozencroft and Paul Devereux

The full form of this project will involve the audio-visual mapping of two iconic prehistoric landscapes in order to develop a fresh resource of primary audio-visual data. In particular, and uniquely, it will utilise and build upon approaches drawn from archaeoacoustics (the study of sound in archaeological contexts).

Field data collected will provide a resource for audio-visual practice, allowing for “recontextualised” studio, exhibition and research applications. It is expected that useful information will also emerge for archaeological interpretation, heritage management, and various cognitive studies.

Work currently under way

This  takes the form of a pilot study being conducted under the auspices of the Royal College of Art. It is focusing on just part of one of the iconic prehistoric landscapes selected for the full project, namely, the Carn Menyn area of Mynydd Preseli in southwest Wales. This upland is the source area for the Stonehenge bluestones.

The Landscape and Perception project coincides with the first major, comprehensive archaeological field study of Preseli, being conducted by SPACES –  Strumble-Preseli Ancient Communities and Environment Study. The archaeological consultant for the pilot study is Professor Timothy Darvill, co-director of SPACES with Geoffrey Wainwright and Director of the Centre for Archaeology, Anthropology and Heritage at Bournemouth University. His recent book is Stonehenge: Biography of a Landscape, and he and Wainwright have been excavating within the Stonehenge monument to learn more about the bluestones there.

The overall aim of the Landscape and Perception project is to try
to look and listen as if with Stone Age eyes and ears
so as to return to sensory basics.

Look and listen at:


The distant rocky outcrops of Carn Menyn on Mynydd Preseli