Lectures & Workshops

Paul Devereux has lectured, given presentations or led workshops in the UK, North America, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Holland, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. He has addressed all kinds of audiences from general public to academic. His speaking venues have ranged from some of the world’s major universities to ramshackle halls on the wild Mexican border with the USA!

Paul Devereux delivering a lecture
Paul Devereux workshop

If you would like to hear a complete (45 minutes) presentation by Paul, just click this link to a youtube video

Note: This has occasional advert insertions (!), so if you would prefer a version that has those edited out, put the following into your browser instead: Paul Devereux Conway Hall youtube

It’s a fully illustrated presentation entitled “Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we dare not go a-hunting for fear of little men”. A highly informative study of spirit routes through the landscape, ranging from physical routes like corpse ways, to spirit ways, through folklore, fairy beliefs, and ending with actual encounters – namely Paul’s personal one, where else but in Ireland!

Filmed at the Conway Hall, London, in late November 2019.