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Paul's Books

The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places
Physical Energies - Mind - Numinosity

Price: £ 16.50  
Lucid Dreaming
Accessing your Inner Virtual Realities
Price: £ 13.00  
Sacred Geography
Ancient Mindscapes and the Topography of Myth
Price: £ 22.00  
The Long Trip
A Prehistory of Psychedelia
Price: £ 15.00  
Mind Before Matter
Visions of a New Science of Consciousness
Price: £ 15.00  
Mysterious Ancient America
The Enigmas of America's Prehistory
Price: £ 11.00  
Stone Age Soundtracks
The Acoustic Archaeology of Ancient Sites
Price: £ 12.00  
Re-visioning the Earth
A Guide to Opening the Healing Channels Between Mind and Nature
Price: £ 17.00  

Selected Guest Titles

The following are available selected guest titles:

Your Meditation Journey
Meditation techniques, mind and nature
Price: £ 15.00  
Greening the Paranormal
Exploring the Ecology of Extraordinary Experience
Price: £ 17.00